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JAG students working on VR project
(Pictured assisting in the JAG VR Initiative are, from left; Kimberly Heath,
Elijah Coleman, and Elisa DeManty)

Cass Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center Students Go High-Tech: Cass Job Corps students participating in ‘Jobs for America’s Graduates’ (JAG) are taking the lead in developing interactive Virtual Reality (VR) scenarios for the Job Corps program at Cass, AR. These JAG students are developing a virtual tour of their campus which will ultimately lead viewers through each trade program as well as other areas of the campus. The VR environments will also connect traditional Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning strands with Cass's trade programs. Additionally, the JAG students are using the project to develop environmental sustainability VR environments to be presented to their community of interest, both in virtual and physical environments. Interested persons can watch the Cass Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center’s Virtual Environment develop.

Students picking up trash near Cass Job Corps 
(Participating students pictured, from left; Maxwell Drizner, Trey Oleson, Darryl Dannie,
Robert Slaughter, and Maylin Gomez)

Job Corps Students Care About Their Surroundings: Approximately 130 Cass Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center (CJCCCC) students collaborated with the Arkansas Department of Transportation on an Arkansas Hwy 23 Clean-Up. This student project is part of CJCCCC’s commitment to maintaining the beauty of the Ozark-St. Francis Forest’s Scenic By-Way known as the “Pig Trail”. Working from I-40 northward to the Cass Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center, students collected 193 bags of litter.

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Page last updated: Wednesday, April 06, 2016

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